TeleCinco; the omission was a Madrid fault

On march 21/2006 at afternoon, an Atlas-news journalist, the company, that makes /made documents in Catalunya for the Spanish channel TeleCinco, called to the mayor of Pals to contact me asap. The mayor communicated me the fact and I contacted with thas  journalist, who requested my permission to use some photographies and sounds from the page. I agreed,  conditioned to the source to be mentioned. I sent her other recorded sounds in other languages I have. The news illustrated report had to be broadcasted on march 22, 2006  in the night news. Because of the day of the demolition coincided  with a more important news, the news illustrated report of the demolition was postponed. 


The ungrateful surprise  arrived Saturday March, 25 at noon,   when by chance I was recording the news and it appeared the demolition illustrated report, without no indication, neither written nor spoken, on the origin of the photographies and music. The photographies, of course only could be from this Web.


Angry at this, I make the pertinent call to the studios in Madrid, and the person in charge commented me he knew nothing about the affaire, I had to talk to the journalist in Barcelona, and that night, because it was not scheduled to broadcast again the illustrated report, it will  be no comment about the omission. The journalist of Barcelona, on Monday apologized, explaining the reasons for the omission: The week ends there is the shift personnel, and they did not know the “detail” of the origin, i.e, week ends thera are not professionals at work.