All images and documents used by this web page are COPYRIGHTED. I have been authorized to use those contributed by third parties and their origins are clearly noted. If you are interested in some document, information or photographs to publish, to print or to expose it in any means of diffusion, must be clearly indicated something like “document:


I don't like to put watermarks on photos or videos. It's a shame that even some TV stations, some newspapers, even national, and even some journalists who upload videos on YouTube, take material from the web without indicating its source. 

All photographies except the "given by" ones, are unique and exclusive to the whole world.


A special mention is the Scandinavian National Radio, who asked for permission to use audio data and information. The audio of the broadcast is in the audio-visual section. I the case not to have requested permission, I never found out it. besides, they send me the audio file to insert on the web. In this way is how things must be done.