Channel 3/24 and K3: what a shame

The case of these two TV catalan channels is really shameful, mainly to the part of the journalist, who I ignore who was. On march 22, 2006, and at least for 4 times, some images, information (I know it due to a special detail which is on the introduction) and sound, everything from this page, that is, they arrived, stole and left. The warning about the copyright was, at the lowest part of introduction, but it was. Independently about if they saw it or no, it was completely omitted the origin of the stolen documentation,  and it is completely unacceptable it were made by a journalist, a professional, because even I know that the origin, the source, must always be indicated, since they did not request for any permission. At night, as soon as I saw it, I called to complain for the fact, the person who was to the position insisted in which they were of its system, when there is a photography, in particular the one of the Telefunken, sepia color, where the cover of my scanner is seen, in the way as is on the Web, I did it a little twisted besides. On the next day, I called again and they limited to apologize, assuring me that it would not happen never more. In the evening of day 23, in the news in channel K3, they returned to broadcast some images. Contacted by mail with the director of the corporation, the news leader answered me, apologizing in “a pretty” letter, appreciating "my collaboration”, as it is well known the difficult to find old documents and bla-bla-bla ........ I replied asking for the responsible to contact me, obtaining the same answer. CCRT should made a short course to become ethical people, because this, I call it abuse of power. 

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