This is what I say, a very good begginning!

The first broadcast from Pals Station began at 03:05 local time. The reason was that, at 02:59:59 , when everything and everyone was ready for the first emission, the operator, due to he was nervous, made a mistake and pushed the rewind button instead of the play. The time to prepare the tape again took .....5 minutes.



Arcs in peaks, arcs in peaks!

In the transmitters, there were some metal balls (to protect capacitors and tubes). The doors of the transmitters were equipped with a windows to see any incident in their interior, i.e,  for example, to see if on theese balls were some arcs, then it made easier to locate the fault. As many of us felt very inside this profession, one of the partners was sleeping and suddenly, screamt "peaks is arcing, peaks is arcing"  next to his asleep wife. This sentence was usually used during a breakdown. 



Once upon a time, there was a president....

who came to visit Spain, and came to visit the Station. The visit lasted three days, but when he went back to its country, he was it was dethroned in a coup d'etat.



Playing with meat

In certain occasion, before I entered, there was a technician that later would be my companion, who was playing with an apple in front of the General. As if outside a tennis ball, threw it to the air and it took it, thus time and time again, without failing in taking it ....... until once yes it failed, it touched to him bad in the hand with so bad fortune that just fell on the control to stop the transmitter completely. 



Afternoon shift is quiet......

This section begins with one own anecdote. It was any rainy afternoon shift. The shift partners were not the habitual ones, and the schedule was, to be sincere, very simple, there were no complications neither with the transmitters nor with the antennas matches. It was raining, and it was almost 8 pm local time. we were getting ready to have dinner, when one of the partners (who usually did not work in shift) said: “this afternoon schedule is very easy to follow"............. five seconds later the full series 8 stopped working, no one test light was lit. We needed two hours to manage to make one transmitter of the serie work again, because rain water got in an electric rack.


Always there are errors

Central Rack of Continental, was due to remove a control unit of coolers (refrigeration ventilators) and to put another one. there were about 30 cables, marked all, one by one, without no error, the fat pliers are taken and the cable hose is cut .......... over the labels! 



The intermittent

One of the companions was making a unit new of filament accountants, a plate with micropocesador. it was testing final and there was something still did not work well absolutely. In that it suddenly lets work, I happened over there and I am interested in whom she does and what she happens. Like operation tester, there was a LED that blinked. Because he did not go nothing else, I say to him: “I know to make intermittent with enough less components”. That apparatus denominated “the intermittent one forever”.



I don’t remember the date, and with difficult the frequency, but I think it was 15290 Khz(or very similar) and this frequency had been used since long time ago, and was usually it carried one of the Continental’s. A day, suddenly, it was changed, it was increased in 10 or 20 kHz. The reason: the second harmonic interfered communications between the planes.


We need a hose

Once, the leaderships had a meeting as was usual. One of the topics to be discussed was a garden issue, it seems that a hose was needed. Yellow, green,  100 meters,  20 each one and fittings to increase / decrease its length as needed ..... The director of Transmitters, a genius who intervened in the idea, design and execution of the megawatt of continental, fell asleep. The station manager woke him up, asking him if he was not interested in the issues that were being discussed about the station. The director of Transmitters, with his calm way of speaking and without much concern about having fallen asleep, replied: "Look, throughout my life I have worked in many stations that had a garden, but I had never worked in a garden that had a radio station ", and it seems that he left the meeting.