In this page, I would like to extend my profound thanks to all those wonderful people who have participated in this venture by sending me many photographs, videos, documents or by writing at  Facebook. 


On the demolition, I have received a lot of excellent material, but because of technical limitations, it was impossible to post everything. I had to make selections, very difficult by the way, in trying to display at least something from everyone. I was unable to attend the demolition in person and, in fact, had already given consideration to filling the Web with whatever photographs were to be sent to me. Happily, it wasn't even necessary for me to ask for them. Many people sent photos and videos on their own initiative and in such “mass” that the offerings took up more than 1,050 Mb (1Gb) in photos alone, and all these without counting input from my ex-colleagues and close friends!

In retrospect and in remembrance, some of us were blessed to have had the opportunity to work at this completely unique broadcasting facility, so hated by many and so loved by others.

My special appreciation to Xevi Coll Rovira for Catalan spelling corrections, as well as to a US former manager, Nick Olguin, in checking the English version text